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Address No.55, Hi-tech Road South, ShenZhen, P.R.China
Website http://www.zte.com.cn/
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Company profile

ZTE Corporation is a leading global provider of comprehensive telecommunications solutions. With the industry's most complete end-to-end product lines and integratedsolutions, ZTE is capable of flexibly satisfying the diversified requirements of globaloperators and enterprise customers and their demands for high-speed innovations,backed up by its complete series of wireless networks, wireline networks, services,mobile devices, and professional telecommunications services.

ZTE has been committed to constant technological innovations to create valuesfor customers, with over 30,000 dedicated research professionals for the industrialtechnology innovation push. The company has been the world's top 1 for patentapplications for three times under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), andranked among the top 70 in the Global Innovation 1000 Study and the Global ICT50 by PwC. ZTE has filed more than 72,000 patent applications, with over 33,000granted, ranking among the world’s Top-3 for patent applications under the PatentCooperation Treaty (PCT) for 8 consecutive years.

To connect the world with continuous innovation for a better future, ZTE Corporation iscommitted to constructing global information network infrastructure, in hopes topromote the industry's development through continuous innovation and therebymake communication and trust ubiquitous everywhere in the world.


ZTE’s 5G Products Lead the Industry

According to a 5G rating report “Review of 5G Technology Readiness and Commercialization” published by GlobalData in October 2018, ZTE’s 5G RAN, core network and bearing products have comprehensively entered the leader group. The report also points out that ZTE has maintained its industry-leading position in 5G product technologies, such as Massive MIMO and NG BBU.

ZTE’s self-developed base band and radio frequency chips maintain the leading positions in the industry in terms of performance, integration and power consumption, thereby ensuring product performance and large-scale commercial capacity.

To date, ZTE has collaborated with more than 30 well-known operators around the world. ZTE has maintained the industry-leading position in commercial network practices of 5G key technologies. Moreover, ZTE has delivered 10 million Massive MIMO base stations and has had over 400 commercial and PoC cases in NFV.

ZTE has launched 5G end-to-end commercial products. Among them, Multi-mode IT BBU leads the industry in terms of performance. Serialized RRU and AAU products are flexibly combined to meet the coverage requirements of wireless networks in different frequency bands and scenes. ZTE’s general server, TECS (NFVI), 5G core network, Cloud Studio (MANO) and other core network products take the lead in the industry in terms of commercial progress and performance. With strong strength in 5G mobile phone commercial research and development, ZTE has become one of the first vendors to launch commercial 5G mobile phone. ZTE’s R&D team has mastered the latest technologies of 5G device research and development, independently completing 5G full-band antenna coverage, heat dissipation optimization, miniaturization design and power consumption optimization of 5G device. ZTE’s 5G mobile phone will be commercially available in the first half of 2019.

Latest news ZTE Promotes 5G Tests with Global Operators

On December 19, 2018, ZTE and China Telecom took the lead in completing the world’s first 4G/5G network interworking test under the SA architecture.

In December 2018, ZTE and China Mobile Research Institute completed the industry's first demonstration of "ultra-precise synchronous network" supporting precise positioning applications. The result showed that ZTE's SPN-based synchronous network has reached the sub-nanosecond synchronization level, which is close to the "perfect synchronization" level required for positioning in the 3GPP standard.

In January 2019, ZTE and the Guangdong branch of China Mobile have completed the first 2.6GHz NR test in Guangzhou 5G field trial, marking a step up for the 2.6GHz 5G device commercial capabilities.

In January 2019, ZTE takes the lead in completing IMT-2020 third phase 5G test for core network performance stability and security function.

In January 2019, ZTE takes the lead in completing phase 1 of SA 5G core test of China Telecom.

In January 2019, ZTE completed the IMT-2020 third phase NSA and SA (2.6/3.5/4.9GHz)5G outdoor tests.