Vietnam Cyber ​​Security 2019 with the theme: “STRENGTHENING SAFETY INFORMATION SECURITY FOR FINANCE, BANKING, ONLINE SERVICES AND E-COMMERCE FINANCIAL ENTERPRISES” will bring a panoramic view of the status of work to ensure safety, information security, risks and challenges that businesses in the trade and service sector are in the process of digitalization and application of advanced technologies of the 4.0 revolution in Vietnam are now required to be faced.

In addition to the main Keynote session, the conference also had two thematic sessions that will con- currently take place, with the topics: “CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS TO ENSURE SAFETY AND SECURITY INFORMATION FOR PRODUCTION ENTERPRISES” and “CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS TO ENSURE SAFETY AND INFORMATION SECURITY FOR COMMERCIAL – SERVICES ENTERPRISES”.

Some of the main discussion topics include:
- Report on the results of the Survey on the level of attention to information security, security in 2019 of enterprises in the financial, banking and e-commerce and online services sectors
- Identify risks of information security in e-commerce enterprise network and online services
- Information security solution for online payment transactions
- Comprehensive information security solutions for e-commerce companies
- Tracking solutions for communication between IT devices, integrated network management and network access control to protect networks for commercial and service businesses
- Endpoint security strategy for government organizations and online commerce and service businesses
- Ensuring information security and preventing activities of hijacking IoT devices in production facilities, offices and commercial centers
- Information security solutions for organizations & businesses based on high-speed broadband connection in Vietnam

In addition, the conference will also introduce solutions to prevent, detect and limit attacks on information technology systems of enterprises.