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VNPT Building, 57 Huynh Thuc Khang street, Dong Da dist., Hanoi, Vietnam


+84-4 3 774 1091

Website www.vnpt.vn

Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group – VNPT is the first ever provider of Postal and telecommunications services in Vietnam and is a dominant state-owned enterprise of the country. VNPT plays a key role in developing Vietnam’s Telecom & IT sector and is rated among top ten largest enterprises of Vietnam.
VNPT has 31.1 million mobile subscribers, 3.1 million fixed subscribers, 4.6 million fixed broadband Internet subscribers, VNPT has the largest share of fixed broadband Internet market in Vietnam.
VNPT is also the leading IT service provider in Vietnam. Some typical solutions are: Educational network (vnEdu – used in 12,800 schools), hospital information system (HIS - used in 7,278 hospitals and healthcare facilities), solutions in e- Government (eGov – deployed in 61/63 provinces), One-stop portal (iGate – deployed in 53/63 provinces). VNPT has cooperated with 28 provinces to deploy smart city solutions for these provinces.

Field of operation:

Providing telecommunications and information technology services and products; Researching, developing, manufacturing telecommunication and IT materials and equipments; etc.

Main products and services:

Telecommunication services (fixed, mobile, broadband internet, data transmission, satellite...); Media services (IPTV, ...); value-added service; Information technology services for government and enterprises and etc.


1. VNPT eGOV - E-Government ecosystem. Meet the Vietnamese e-Government architecture framework, capable of flexible deployment: online public services; One-stop electronic door: Receive, process and return the results of administrative procedures through an electronic door; Citizenship management, Specialized applications: Civil status management, business registration, land management, ...

2. VNPT Smart Tourism - The smart travel solution fully meets the regulations linking the state management system with rich ecosystems, including: Tourism data integration warehouse, travel information portal. calendar, mobile travel application, digital map, accommodation management system, data analysis system and intelligent travel forecast, tourist information support facilities.

3. VNPT - HIS Smart medical ecosystem. Total hospital management solution, helping to optimize the medical examination and treatment process, saving time and human resources. VNPT-HIS is built according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, the world standard, able to integrate with ERP Hospital systems and fully meet the medical professional requirements as well as the management work. hospital management.

4. VNEDU is a solution built on the web of cloud computing technology to comprehensively computerize management and administration in education, family, school and social connection, contributing to raising high quality management, quality of teaching and learning.

5. VNPT ERP is VNPT's key solution in the field of SME corporate governance, including deep integration modules designed and developed on the basis of meeting the actual needs of enterprises on management and administration. and carry out operations of production, business, administration, leadership and decision- making management decisions; The system provides enterprise management solutions including full of main operations for business operations. The system also provides tools to support Logistics, Retail Point Management; Retail