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ZION Joint stock Company

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Z06, 13 Street, Ward Tan Thuan Dong, Distric 7, Ho Chi Minh


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(028) 3962 466

Website zalopay.vn

ZaloPay is an e-wallet platform and online payment system developed and launched by ZION Joint Stock Company - a member of the Vietnam Banking Association since 2016 with unique features such as P2P money transfer, in-app payments, scan QR codes for payment online mobile devices.

Until now, ZaloPay is linked to 37 domestic banks in Vietnam and international payment cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB). Users can choose to pay with their wallet balance (loaded via debit card) or pay through the payment card linked to the ZaloPay wallet.


E-wallet ZaloPay that is online payment application with unique functions, is built executively to satisfy all the needs of both payment the life and business.

- ZaloPay's users already pay for utility bills, top up phone card, top up data, airline tickets, movie tickets...

- Online payment at Tiki, Lazada, BAEMIN..

- Scan QR Code for payment ạt stores and restaurants.

- Money transfer via phone number/ P2P money transfer of ZaloPay inside Zalo and other services with the wallet.


ZaloPay's mission is to create a cashless society in Vietnam by building a modern mobile payment ecosystem. Through cooperating with payment partners as well as building new features will open a seamless and cashless transport experience for the many Vietnamese.

In 2020, ZaloPay was voted “Vietnam's typical e-wallet” organized by Nhip Cau Dau Tu magazine and honored in the category "E-wallet with a rich ecosystem".

In early 2020, ZaloPay officially launched a series of features right in the Zalo chat application, including: P2P money transfer of ZaloPay inside Zalo, lucky money in the chat group and payment features.

This event marks an important milestone in the completion of the application ecosystem, multi-utility that ZaloPay is providing to the users.