Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2019 is held in the context of Vietnam among low average income countries with 71.3 million adults (over 15 years old) and per capita income of $2,062 in 2018 (According to the World Bank). The latest development of comprehensive finance in the early stages has remained limited in accomplishments. Specifically, people with low bank accounts are mostly residents in rural areas, especially women and low-income group. The number of people who have access to at least 1 financial service and own a bank account is now 45.8 million out of 92.6 million, accounting for 63% of the population. Regarding cashless payment activities, Vietnam has 30 licensed payment intermediaries, most of which are e-wallet organizations (27), electronic payment gateways (26), and collection and payment support (26), electronic money transfer (9). Besides, payment activities of commercial banks have been upgraded with the implementation of advanced technology. QR code payment has also been developed by a number of commercial banks, with a total of 24 banks in process and 50,000 points accepting this payment method. However, in general, limitations still exist in cashless payment activities.

Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2019 organized by International Data Group (IDG) in cooperation with Vietnam Banking Association will focus on exchanging experiences and solutions for parallel development non-cash payment models and solutions to promote modern digital banking which is safe and efficient. Associated with the workshop program are two typical activities. The first is an information technology exposition serving the transformation of the banking industry. The other is the Vietnam Outstanding Banking Award 2019 - an annual award organized by IDG International Data Group in cooperation with Vietnam Banks Association.



    - Experience in developing cashless payment in Singapore – Policies, investment and technologies.

    - Key orientations for cashless payment development in Vietnam in 2020.

    - Cashless payment development situation in 6 ASEAN countries.

    - True Money's comprehensive financial development experience in Southeast Asian countries - Technology must be a leading tool.


    - Digital banking development strategy to increase retail bank profits and contribute to the implementation of comprehensive financial services at commercial banks.

    - Challenges of developing retail banks based on high-tech foundation.

    - Future of fintech in the Digital era – Not only a payment activity.

    - POS solution experience in South Korea and its implementation to boost cashless payment in Vietnam.

    - Advanced technology applied to support the development of non-cash payment – Enhancing customers’ experience is highly important.


    - Optimal technology solution to digital banking’s transition.

    - Digital banking development models in advanced ASEAN countries.

    - Optimize credit services on digital technology base.

    - Strengthen your organization with ASG Information Management System in banking world 4.0.