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40 - 42 - 44, Pham Hong Thai, Vinh Thanh Van ward, Rach Gia City, Kien Giang province


0297) 3869 950 | (028) 3933 3393

Website www.kienlongbank.com

Kienlongbank was established and operated from October 27, 1995 in Kien Giang province. Over the past 25 years of development, Kienlongbank has always been steadfast with its vision of becoming a Green brand and sustainable development in Vietnam’s banking industry. The Bank’s mission is to provide professional banking services, always bringing added value to customers and shareholders; sharing Green values and pioneering in participating in Green programs and activities for the benefit of community development in Vietnam with the motto “Willing to share”


retail bank in Vietnam, at the same time implementing the National Comprehensive Financial Strategy for 2025, with orientation to 2030 of the banking industry, Kienlongbank always focuses on to the completion and diversification of products and services, the most comprehensive, safe, economical and efficient flexible financial solution for customers in all economic sectors; actively upgrade the information technology system in line with new trends in order to increase the utility of products as well as increase the quality of customer service.
Quickly adapting to the change of technology and competition in the system of credit institutions, in order to improve customer experience and service quality, Kienlongbank increased investment in infrastructure. quality, transaction network, banking technology, mobile phone and internet, creating a foundation for the development of e-banking and digitalization of banking and financial services in Kienlongbank in the period 2020 - 2025.
Kienlongbank currently has 134 transaction points in 28 provinces and cities and a system of 165 ATMs. Especially, Kienlongbank domestic debit card is completely free of transactions at all ATMs across the country. At the same time, Kienlongbank’s e-banking service responds to banking transactions anytime, anywhere, saves costs, and enhances security and safety for customers through: Internet Banking, SMS Banking and Mobile. Banking.
Kienlongbank always keeps the business motto “Safe - Sustainable - Reasonable Profit”; Stable in operation and complied with the safety indicators of operation in accordance with regulations of the State Bank. Kienlongbank is a “willing to share” bank, proactively sharing responsibility with the State, locality, customers and the community in all aspects of its operations. Kienlongbank is proud to have made a small contribution to stabilizing the country’s economic growth, the development of the banking industry in particular and the community and society in general. On the basis of inheriting and promoting the values built up in the past 25 years, Kienlongbank has enough potential and confidence to continue to improve and successfully implement the development strategy, and at the same time continue to contribute actively to ensure social security, maximum support for customers, and work towards the goals of stable and sustainable development.