Mr. Nguyen Đang Thang

VNPT FinTech


Promoting cashless payments for public services: Opportunities and challenges


Mr. Nguyen Dang Thang - Director of VNPT FinTech Digital Financial Services Center - the key unit of VNPT Group in developing digital financial services ecosystem. Mr. Nguyen Dang Thang has 14 years working in different positions in the fields of software, solutions, and technology; from developing service softwares on telecommunications platforms to researching and building solutions on Big Data and payment platforms. With more than 3 years in charge of digital finance, his orientation is to make VNPT Pay the leading mobile digital bank in Vietnam, contributing to promoting comprehensive digital finance and to the mission of digital transformation of the country that VNPT Group is the pioneer in implementing.


After more than 1 year of implementation, the National Public Service Portal gradually demonstrates its superiority in operating administrative procedures in a simple, fast and economical way. According to Government Office, the goal in 2020 is to provide 30% level 3 and 4 public services on the National Public Service Portal, so a convenient online payment for users is very important. Currently, VNPT Pay is a complete platform for centralized payments on the National Public Service Portal (Payment Platform), connecting Public Service Portal of Ministry/Department/ Local with payment channels (Bank, payment intermediary gateway v.v). Ministries, provinces, cities, banks/payment intermediaries now are required to connect to Payment Platform only and it is no longer necessary to connect to each other. The synchronous implementation of the Payment Platform is a powerful push for promoting online payment of public services, even though it comes with many major challenges.