Mr. Phung Duy Khuong

Deputy General Director
Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank)


VP Bank - Digital Banking Journey


Mr. Phung Duy Khuong is currently Deputy General Director and Head of Individual Customer Sector - VPBank.
He earned a Master degree in Financial Accounting at Monash University, Australia. Mr. Phung Duy Khuong has held many key management positions such as Vice President of Finance and Business Development Manager of GE Money Vietnam; Deputy General Director in charge of Private Banking of DongA Bank. Since August 2020, he has been appointed General Director of Private Banking and a member of Maritime Bank’s Executive Council. From 2014 to 2017, Mr. Phung Duy Khuong was Deputy General Director and Director of Retail sector of VietinBank.


1. The digitization orientation regards customer experience as the core: The definition of digitization is not putting existing products online or making digital products, but it should be based on customers’ perspectives, with customers as the main focus. Digitization at VPBank is implemented step by step from finding pain points within common operation process, then optimizing each step of the customer experience with digital products and processes.
2. Digitalization from the front end: Following the process of customers accessing conventional products, VPBank firstly deploy digitization from the parts that directly contact with customers:
- Website - where customers access information first: VPBank New website has integrated internal systems to classify and process customer requests, allowing the creation of customer support request forms right on website and will integrate AI technology to monitor, provide customers with suitable products, ...
- eKYC - strategic platform to support On boarding for customers: Many banks have done eKYC but VPBank eKYC has flexible experience and offers high limits for customers. From the standard eKYC model, VPBank has developed useful digital products for customers such as opening credit cards online, issuing virtual credit cards, online unsecured loans and most recently, car loans. online and, in turn, many other products
- Agent banking and Open Banking: Perfecting technologies to leverage the network development of partners to provide customers with VPBank products and services on the ecosystem.
3. Digitalization at the back end: In order to provide customers with a comprehensive digital experience, the Bank operating system also needs to digitally convert to shorten the process and save time.
- Jarvis system - Improving sales process: Jarvis helps shorten the time employees work with records and documents, helping employees to fill, download, and receive approval results anywhere. With other preeminent features such as automatic segmentation of customers, removing ineligible customers, ... the productivity of the insurance staff has been significantly increased.
- RPA - a software system to implement processes: using RPA to support the implementation of operational standards according to business standards, helping to shorten processing time, and minimize errors..