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16th Floor, E-town Central, 11 Doan Van Bo Street, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City





Website www.smartpayvn.com

SMARTNET TRADING SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED (SMARTNET) was established in January 2015, its headquarter is located at 16th floor, E.Town Central Building, 11 Doan Van Bo, Ward 12, District 4, City HCM City.
SMARTNET specializes in providing financial services and insurance: introduction and consulting on personal consumer loan and insurance products. With fast and simple service combining with anationwide sales system, SMARTNET has met the needs of customers across the country.
SMARTNET is committed to providing outstanding products, fast and flexible financial services to help customers solve their urgent financial difficulties in time.
SMARTNET believes that providing smart financial solutions is a way to help improve the quality of customers’ life, creating future platforms for the community, contributing to the sustainable development of society


SmartPay is an e- wallet owned by Smart Net Trading Service Company Limited (SmartNet). This e-wallet is built and developed by leading experts from locally and internationally who have extensive experience in banking and fintech sector. With the mission: CONNECTING - COMMUNITY - RELIABILITY, SmartPay has the mission of popularizing the method of cashless payment to small businesses, micro merchants in rural and remote areasin the country.
With the effort to develop the market, within one year after its launch inMay 2019, SmartPay has become one of the e-wallets that have the largest network of small businesses and micro merchants in Vietnam. Currently, SmartPay has acquired more than 400,000 merchants and nearly 1.5 million individual users in Vietnam.
In addition to supporting users and small businesses to assess cashless payment methods, SmartPay also strengthens the cooperation with local and international banks to bring more financial benefits to users and make people’s life become more convenient.
SmartPay is an e-wallet was officially licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam. And SmartNet (the owner of SmartPay) has been very proud of becoming the 69th member of the Vietnam Banking Association (VNBA) since November 2019.


In this November, on SmartPay E–wallet application, we launched a new product that aims to support small businesses called Smart Shopping (SmartCart). SmartCart is built as an “e-commerce platform” for small businesses, which integrates all the features to enable the Seller can shop, chat, exchange information with customers, make products advertisement, payment, ect right on the interface. And individual users can also “shop smartly”, get favorite items at reasonable prices that match their “mobile wallet” fund.
Because it is aimed at serving small businesses, SmartCart is designed with a very simple interface, easy to use, allowing users who even are not familiar with technology can also easily post products and services to access 1.5 million customers base of SmartPay across Vietnam. This is a continued effort that SmartPay wants to make in order to support more than 4 millions micro merchants across Vietnam can quickly adapt to the New Normal period.