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By 2020, the digital transformation in Vietnam has become strong and national. All key industries and fields such as e-government, telecommunications, banking and finance ... have initially been digitized. Typically, the government operates the national public service portal; Non-cash payment activities have been expanded and promoted; Most banks have implemented digital banking services; 4G-5G network, which is expected to be commercialized in 2020, will increase the level of connectivity between devices and operating systems many times, forming a digital economy operating on high-speed internet platform. In parallel with the trend of development, there is the risk of hacking user data and control of operating technology systems (Operational Technology) of organizations. The economic losses from such insecurity and information security are extremely important and greatly impact. The Department of Information Security said that by the end of September 2019, there were 3,943 attacks on information systems in Vietnam. Including 1,134 Deface form attacks, 279 Malware attacks, 2,521 Phishing attacks. The number of Vietnam's IP addresses included in computer networks in September 2019 was 2,015,644. Compared to the same period last year, the total number of attacks increased by 104%, of which Phishing increased by 141%, Deface increased by 109%, while Malware decreased by 26.57%. According to statistics of the Government Cipher Committee, the network of government agencies in Vietnam has over 10,000 vulnerabilities found. It is noteworthy that 6% of these people are serious and 23% are at high risk. Evaluating the work of ensuring network safety and security in Vietnam, the representative of the Government Cipher Committee said that the situation of cyber security in the coming time will be more volatile. The common risks of losing the security in the coming time will be malware infection using artificial intelligence (AI), network attacks on e-commerce, financial - banking systems ... with the item consumer steals information, personal data.

Based on that context, the Security World Conference and Exhibition 2020 with the topic: “NETWORK SECURITY, DATA SAFETY: STRATEGY AND SOLUTIONS” will focus on introducing key issues such as mechanisms and policies to ensure information safety and security of state management agencies; risks and hazards; solutions and lessons learned from building, deploying and operating user data security systems and operating technology systems (Operational Technology). The National Security and Security Conference and Exhibition 2020 will include 1 Main Report and 2 Thematic sessions. It is expected that there will be about 600-700 guests attending the event, representing managers of state management agencies in Information Technology, Information Security, experts and consulting units. national and international independence, directors and experts in charge of IT and security of financial institutions, banks, service enterprises, e- commerce, units in charge of developing government of electricity death, online public service portal ...

In parallel with the conference program, the Security World Exhibition will gather many technology products and solutions to ensure information security on the basis of high-speed broadband service in the fields. key sectors such as manufacturing, commerce, health care, education, transportation, finance-banking and especially e-government and online public services portal ... More than 600 guests are expected to attend. Workshop event - this exhibition.



Network Security, data safety in the digital age: Strategies and solutions

Session 1

Ensuring information safety and security for commercial enterprises, services, finance

Session 2

Security information for information technology systems electronic government system and national public service port

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Run Con-Currently with the Conference, the Technology Exhibition to ensure cybersecurity and information security, in collaboration with our Banking Technology Exhibition for the Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2019, will last for two days, bringing together many products and solutions. The latest technology comes from leading companies and technology groups in the country and internationally, in order to enhance the security of information and data security for businesses operating in the field of finance, banking, services, e-commerce, manufacturing. It is expected to welcome more than 1,000 visitors will visit this exhibition area.