World Mobile Broadband & ISP 2020 Conference and Exposition featuring the theme “PROMOTING DIGITAL ECONOMY BASED ON MOBILE BROADBAND: VISIONS AND TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS” will focus on introducing the roadmap, deployment experience, and new technology solutions to promote the development of mobile and fixed telecommunications infrastructure and services; as well as the trends of developing digital content services on that platform. In addition, another highlight is the survey report conducted by IDG ASEAN on the demand and satisfaction level of telecommunication services in 5 respective ASEAN countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. The results would promisingly supply telecommunication services providers with an overview along with a detailed picture of customers’ demand on telecommunication services and the criteria based on how their satisfaction is evaluated. The conference will have 1 Keynote and 2 Sessions.

The conference is expected to have a Keynote focusing on exchanging the roadmap for 5G planning and development in Vietnam; Experience in commercializing 5G in developed countries, digital economy model on the basis of high-speed connection, building ecosystems on the connection platform ...

Within the Conference framework, the World Mobile Broadband & ISP 2020’s award ceremony will be hosted by IDG Vietnam and the Vietnam Digital Communications Association. The survey has been conducted since January 2020 with the Voting Council of telecom experts and managers from the Ministry of Information and Communications and large international & domestic telecom groups. The survey has 4 criteria and the voting focuses on the service quality and customer care of internet providers.